Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scrapping galore !!

OK - I know I am nuts, but I am giving myself a challenge, 96 scrap blocks in total through February, counting the 18 I have done so far = 78 to go!

Sometimes it is so good to do something a little "brain dead" like these strip blocks.

96 blocks will give 4 quilts for Warming Quilts / Tepper som varmer, and will hopefully make a dent in my scraps and strips !
Even when I am to busy or tired to do something intricate, these strip blocks are easy to make - a foundation, 10" square, old sheets are lovely for the purpose - the mid strip is cut 2" - a dive in the scraps, filling the foundation square from the mid strip out, strip by strip, all kind of strips, wide and narrow, until the foundation is all covered with strips - I am then using my 9,5" square ruler to cut the block to size - Voila !

I am looking forward to see a pile of these blocks by the end of February - I wonder how 96 blocks in a pile will look :-)

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  1. Ja det var jammen litt av en utfordring. Og det må da bli litt av en stoff slanking:-)). Er ikke i tvil om du kommer til å nå det målet. Er du i manko for stoff så får du si ifra.

  2. Wonderful challenge for yourself! Looking forward to seeing 96.

  3. Du har i alla fall väldigt fina tyger! Ibland tycker jag att mina scraps är skräp, men så när jag börjar använda dem så passar alla helt plötsligt - så de är kvar - fast skurna enligt Bonnies system!

    Agneta i Sverige

  4. When I do the math I come up with four blocks a day for the rest of the month. (actually 3.84). I will be watching for that picture of all of them stacked up.


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