Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Auditioning for hand quilting


I have told you about my one to one swap with my friend Val in Canada, haven’t I ?
We make 2 blocks, sends one and keep one, so we both end up with a mix of self done and received blocks.

These were the first colour scheme we swapped, autumn colors, which was definitively more up her colour alley than mine.
I don’t like orange / rust very much anymore, so I have been thinking long and hard about what to do with these blocks – in fact, I have been thinking for years, sort of, or maybe not thinking that hard…….  ;-)
Anyway – these blocks have resided in my DJ BOB, box of blocks, for a very long time, but last week I found a lovely fabric to set them with.
It is a good trick of the trade to give overwhelming colours a little extra space. It calms them down visually.
The small red dots on the setting fabric also calm down the more busy orange / rust.

I thought I had to go border shopping, but I see I don’t have to. I have just bought this lovely Judie Rothermel fabric, and when auditioning it for a possible brown(ish) border, I find it is absolutely perfect!

I  have also decided on the mauve quilting thread.
We call mauve vintage pink around here, and I think it will also contribute to calming down the more busy colours.

Yes, I have decided on using an over all design for hand quilting :-)

Looking forward to many hours of hand quilting in the early mornings or in evenings when my family watch TV in the room I call sewing room and they call living room – hehehe
I am not a fast hand quilter, but I enjoy the process, and that is what matters!



  1. Hej Hanne.
    Sikke dejlige stoffer du har fundet frem til at færdigegøre projektet med. Jeg tror, det bliver flot med quiltetråden, du har valgt.
    Ak ja, jeg er også lidt svingende i min mening om orange og rustrøde; men jeg synes også, at man med tiden bliver mere åben over for mange farver og nuancer, jo mere man leger med stofferne.
    God fornøjelse med quiltningen.
    Mange hilsner
    Anne-Mette fra TSQ

  2. Kjempefint! Men nå lurer jeg veldig på forskjellen på den engelske og den ameriskanske håndsøm metoden??? Håper du orker å svare!

  3. This is why I gave away all my autumn DJ blocks. The colours was not really me. Some day i will start over again, perhaps in repro fabrics, or the red and white I am collecting.

    Some day.

  4. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Så flott den blir! Fin måte å bytte blokker slik som dere gjør!!

  5. Gode og gjennomtenkte valg fra ende til annen, Hanne :) Det blir fint med Baptist Fan!

  6. You have done a great job with the spare blocks in between the DJ blocks, it really suits them! You better keep going it looks very promising! If you don't like the outcome, you can always give it away ;-).


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