Monday, February 09, 2009

Finally Some Finishes !

I have made this cushion for the local hobby shop, to display the lovely photo-to-fabric transfers that are available now.
I got the materials in December and now it is finally done!
I like it very much :-)

An old Tilda kit is also finally done!

The kit is from 2003, bought after Christmas, half price.

I should quit buying kits, as I usually end up changing half of the content - this kit no exception.
I have changed the wing fabric and the apron fabric.

I am happy I have a hot glue gun - sewing on the twigs and pearls on the head piece was no fun and not looking to good, so I ended up gluing them instead.

I will keep one of these angels myself, and can count the first 2 gifts for Christmas 2009 done :-)

The angels are 11" tall.


  1. For en utrolig nydelig pute! jeg elsker disse gamle bildene. Kan du gi et hint om hvor de kan kjøpes? Jeg har virkelig lyst på et sånt!
    Englene dine ble jo så søte da! Jeg har engle-dilla, og håper å få sydd meg en sånn Tilda engel snart. har sydd en, men hun mangler hår/hatt... sånn er det når man har "tusen jern i ilden" da;o)
    Ha en fortsatt kreativ uke:o)

  2. Anonymous2:32 am

    The pillow is so sweet looking. I love the image you chose. The angels are wonderful! I don't know what the original fabrics were, but these seem so perfect, they couldn't be improved upon.

  3. Oh Hanne! Both projects are wonderful! But I especially love the angels!

  4. Nice pillow and so cute angels! And what a great idea to take glue instead of sewing. I will save it in my head for the next Tilda projects in my life!

  5. the pillow... its great and a nice way of using the transfer on... Love it:o) And how cute aint the angels!!! ;o)
    Has it stopped snowing??

  6. Hanne, the cushinon was lovely.....

    I have some angles from Tilda that I have to do something with ;-)........

    Have a lovely day...

  7. very nice pillow. such a great idea!

  8. Skal si du er produktiv. Englene er jo bare vakre! Puta du har sydd - hvor kan den ses live? :o)

  9. Hi, your finishes look gorgeous!

  10. Lekker pute! Jeg har tatt på den, tror jeg, i butikken... :)


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