Saturday, February 21, 2009

In between


In between all the busy secret work I made this Dear Jane block for a friend I met in Shipshewana, IL, in April 2008.

I think it shows itself well beside the lovely little gift block in wood I got as a gift from Rebecca Haarer in Shipshewana.

If you are ever in that corner of the woods, please visit Rebecca’s lovely antique shop. It is absolutely to die for !!

I am so much looking forward to visit Shipshewana and Rebecca’s shop again.
I don’t know exactly when it will be – I am hoping for next spring!


  1. Anonymous12:03 am

    I wish we would be in the same area of the US at the same time. I'd love to meet you! The composition of the photo is perfect.

  2. And I wish I will win in the lottery to come with you.

  3. What a nice will be such fun for your to visit!


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