Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not a very good week


Last weekend I was at the Norwegian Quilt Assosiation annual meeting, having the pleasure of meeting with quilt friends from all over the country + teaching Dear Jane.
How much better can life be !?! :-)

During the weekend my voice came and went + I had a very upleasant dry cough.

Monday I had to go and see my Dr. and bronchitis was diagnosed.
You know, the kind that requires antibiotics and couch sirup of the strong kind. You know it is time for seeing your Dr. when it feels like someone is standing on your chest…….

Strong couch sirup is like a true Catch 22 – it knocks me out if I take it and I couch my brain out if I don’t – not nice!

Monday my DH was celebrating his 50th birthday too, so it was essential to keep up appearances, so to say ;-)
A good thing is that this bronchitis is not contageous!

We had family for an evening meal, which was ordered in advance, not made by me, and we served cakes and coffee after.
Since it was not all up to snuff here when I returned home after the weekend, I had to use some time and strength to clean the house before the guest arrived.

White table cloths, candles in silver holders and lovely flowers around the living room, and the party was saved :-)

I took full dose of the couch medicine on Tuesday and slept most of the day in the recliner, under a quilt. Not that it did wonders, but sleep is so good when you are sick and it made me feel better after.

Wednesday the couch was better and that was good, as we had tickets to see Les Miserables on one of the big scenes in Oslo.

What a performance – if you have the chance – Go And See It – it was well worth the price and more !!!

Antibiotics usually messes up my tummy and all, so I am happy it is a decade or more since I needed any.
I guess you are not surprised when I say I have not even turned on my sewing machine this week.
Without the meds I would probably have developed a phneumonia – and that is way worse than a bronchitis!

A few stitches of stitchery has been taken over the last 2 days, but I will save that for a later post.

No more whining - promise!


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  1. Good you took care of yourself and saw the doctor and glad you are better! I've missed your comments. Sometimes busy wives, moms, quilters just keep going and going.....i am an expert in that....waiting too long to see the doctor (and i'm a nurse!!)....uff!


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