Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not !


This has to wait until after Easter, until I have the floor to myself - no people having family needs, no cat walking to and from.

I think I need to make some light wedges to put between the coloured hexagons and the border!



  1. Skjønner at dette må vente til du har gulvet for deg selv :) Det ser spennende ut.

  2. I love your hexagon project!
    I want to make another one...aren't they fun?!?!?

  3. Hanne,
    I recently purchased a similar Jelly Roll tin. As I was looking at the pattern included I began remembering a quilt our guild made several years ago putting the wedges together to make pinwheels (where the dark is the larger piece) and a second quilt making a six-pointed star (where the dark was in the center). They were alternated with a light background shape. If you haven't proceded with your hexagons and want, I will search for the other pattern. Let me know.


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