Friday, May 22, 2009

Gothenburg NQT (Nordic Quilt Convention) 2009

A lot of fun - fabrics, friends and all!


A photo from a long distance. The flags are from Iceland, Norway, Faeroyene, Sweden, Aaland, Finland, Greenland, Denmark.

We are lining up for shopping. The doors are still closed. The line was several hundred peoples long:


The shop area is so small that we are shopping body to body.


Sølvi and Siw from Quiltegaarden kept a calm head in all the chaos!
Kudos to you 2 - you are great !!
Always smiling, always giving us the very best!!

Lappemakeriet is also there - with all their usual goodie goodies - and generously giving smiles and advices!

One of the Danish shops also caught my attention with their goods -

Look at the great calendar they have as a BOM.
I think I have to check their website out more when I come home !!
I love their fabrics and they were very friendly in every way :-)

Many of the Danish shops did not allow photos, so I can not tempt you with anything from their shops……..

The shopping area was so crowded we all got squished from all sides.
We either had to hold our boobs and bottoms in as best we could, or stick them out as best we could to make way ;-)
I bet you know quilters - they are shopping anyway, regardless of crowds, with smiles on their faces ;-)

Do you want to see what I bought?


Fabrics and the bunny pattern from Quiltegaarden and the lovely quilt tote kit in Japanese fabrics from

I just have to mention I visited Lappemakeriet the day before we went here, with a friend.

To much of a good thing is gorgeous !!

Smiles from your reporter on the road -


  1. Wow, what a crowd! Hopefully not as hot as Olavsgård. Love your buyngs, and look forward to next report :)

  2. Love to read about your fun quilting adventure in Sweden!! Thanks for your efforts and can't wait until your next report!

  3. Ahhh... jag hade gärna varit där och trängts lite!!!! :o))
    Ser helt underbart ut.. ha det gott!!

  4. Looks like you are having a lot of fun!! Wish I was there too...

  5. Isn't shopping fun at quilt shows? I love having all that variety to choose from all in the same place!

  6. Your trip looks like a lot of fun. I have never heard of Faeroyene or Aaland. Can you tell me about them please?

  7. Hi Hanne! Hope you're back, safe and sound, in Norway! It was such a pleasure to meet you in person at the NQT in Göteborg! All of us enjoyed the show...lots to see, and yes, those shops were VERY crowded...but we could still manage to buy lots of goodies! LOL!
    Cheers! Mary Ann


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