Thursday, May 28, 2009

More from NQT 2

Here are photos from the competition Building Bridges.
There were a lot of quilts, mainly in the Art category.
All were very nice and they were lovely displayed.

None of the quilts below took home any prizes, but they got a lot of positive attention and I enjoyed these the most :-)

The first quilt is my contribution. It is special to see my own work on a wall with all the other lovely work.

As you see, I did scallops on this one too - I am looking forward to read the judges paper when it comes home ;-)



 P1020664  P1020666P1020668  

 P1020672 P1020673 P1020674 P1020675


P1020677   P1020680  P1020684P1020682

Hi Else Margrethe :-))



  1. Yours is wonderful.. and I love the others too!!!!
    These are the best of all at NQT!!! :o)

  2. Your quilt is lovely, Hanne! Thanks so much for sharing your NQT experiences with all of us around the world.

  3. HI, Hanne, I love your quilt. I love all those little quilts. People must make up their own patterns because I've never seen most of them! I don't have that talent, I must follow directions and copy!

    Cindy Pucci


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