Thursday, May 28, 2009

More goodies :-)


From Quiltegaarden - all but 1 piece of fabric also mentioned in an earlier post :-)
I am eager to start the bunny quilt!

2 lovely book finds in the old part of town, in a very crammed and lovely antique book shop :-)

A Japanese book from a Finish shop. Both languages not understandable to me ;-)
Finish is sooooo different from the other Nordic languages, in every way. They are more related to Russian Hungarian language wise. (Thanks for the info Riikka)
The other Nordic languages are related to German.

The last of the goodies, using my last Swedish money. I forgot to add some quilt needles to the pile - I guess you can picture them in your mind :-)

I did not buy much fabrics, but as you know I have a soft spot for books.
I am very happy with all my new goods and are looking forward to use and enjoy them!

I kept my budget - in fact I have money left too :-)


The bus trip home was more relaxed, all being tired from 4 days of hectic fun :-)

Eva makes the most lovely drawstring bags with hexagons.

Now we have to start saving for the next Nordic Quilt Convention in Aalborg, Denmark in 2012 !



  1. You really did get some goodies! And I just love Eva's bag!

  2. Masse flotte bilder fra NQT, ja man kan leve lenge på disse minnene. Mye fint du har handlet deg også - litt å kose seg med :-)

  3. Takk for at du deler bilder og opplevelser med oss hjemmesittere

  4. Such wonderful additions to your collection of things for the future.

    Your pictures are inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

  5. Du fikk jo med deg masse godsaker du:-) Skal du til Aalborg et år før meg:-)

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  7. It must be great to share such great quilt event! Thanks for sharing. Beautifull stuff you bought! greetings, Conny from the Netherlands

  8. Thanks for taking so much lovely pictures from NOT and you have really nice blog( I visit time to time). But Finnish language is not related to russian, instead saame, estonian and hungarian.

  9. Hi Hanne. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts about your time in Sweden at the NQC. Sounds like a fantastic event. You brought home some very nice shopping too.


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