Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching up


Yes indeed - I have some serious catching up to do !

The last week has been very busy.
I have a special someone in my life,with special needs, who has needed some special care lately.
I can do that, but I can not do more than one thing at a time (sometimes), and this time life interfered with quilting big time.

Anyway - it is how it is - and one can only do what is needed in the puzzle called life.
You know my motto:
One has all to gain to accept reality as it is !
I can do that ! :-)

When I have a lot on my plate I prefer hand sewing to machine sewing, so the basket blocks have come to an halt, more or less.
I have added a some hexagon flowers to the pile though, so soon I am half way through the background flowers :-)

I am wrapping myself in a quilt early in the morning, reading blogs and enjoy a cup of tea and some threads of stitchery.

This is block # 8 of Summer Frolics by The Birdhouse.
A good saying, if you ask me :-)

I will still be working on the catching up - stay tuned :-)



  1. Sometimes it is just time to sit still and just do some stitches and listen.

  2. I like your comment about "Reality". Several years ago I heard a (female) bishop say, "Reality is your friend."
    Wow! I was clear in my own mind that I often don't think of reality as a friend, but as an enemy. But I DON'T want to live an illusion. . .

    I try to remember this frequently. And the fact that it was a bishop...I need to remember that reality is in the hands of God, not just my dreams. Facing reality is friendlier than ignoring it, disguising it, rejecting it. And when I really face the truth, I can move forwaard without wasting a lot of energy.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Life does have a way of coming between us and our stitching. But the stitching is a dear friend sitting and waiting for us to return when we can.

    Is that a siggy quilt I see?


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