Saturday, June 20, 2009

I think my quilt math is totally off again …. ;-))


I have more than one math skilled quilting friend that will tell me that my quilt math is totally off again :-))

An average of 2 basket quilt blocks a day and the same for the hexagons, from Monday to Saturday, should not give me 2 basket quilt blocks and 16 hand sewn hexagons should it ??

If the hexagons gives you the impression of me being a bit carried away, you are absolutely right :-))

Life has been in the front seat here this week,
and it is very relaxing to hand piece hexagons and listen to audio books in the early morning hours :-)



  1. Så fine blokker. Er spent på kva du skal lage i det små blokker?

  2. I hope my time of relaxing and getting some sewing done is soon coming to me.

  3. Hanne,
    From the picture it appears that you are putting your hexagons together without paper piecing them. Am I seeing correctly.

    Life does take the front seat sometimes. And occasionally it will not move over.

  4. Anonymous9:43 am

    Hei! Det ligger en hilsen til deg på bloggen min!!


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