Monday, July 13, 2009

Done !


Last night I burned the midnight oil to add the borders to this quilt.
Smart ? Not!!
The border fabric is directional, and then you know what happened, right ?
However - I got one side of the borders on, the other side both on and off, and the top and bottom border cut.
Early in the morning, as in before 7 am, I was at it again, and this time with success :-)


Here is a mix of Japanese fabrics and CW repros.
I like that mix - the Japanese fabrics soften the CW repros and the CW repros makes a quilt sing :-)

Off to the machine quilter today!
A lovely Judie Rothermel CW repro print for the backing goes well with the mix of Japanese and CW repros on the front.

Anne is doing me the honour of quilting this quilt for me.
She is very skilled and her style is perfect for this quilt.
Anne is one half of MA quilterne -
Merete, who did lovely quilting on my kaleidoscope quilt is the other half.

This basket quilt will be on my teaching schedule this autumn.

I can promise both Anne and Merete more quilting jobs from me before long :-)

Never a dull moment in my quilting corner ………….
I think I will do some stitchery later today though :-)



  1. It turned out just beautiful- congratulations Hanne! Enjoy your stitching today- I have started to clean my sewingroom, not so much fun, but it will be great in the end...

  2. You did it!!!!! And I love it. It is beautiful!!!!!!!

  3. Even more amazing beautiful!

  4. It's beautiful, Hanne.

    I just love basket quilts and perhaps I should add one to my 'to do' list that never stops growing.

  5. This is simply the best!!! Enjoy stitching and perhaps a GORW....

  6. Teppet ditt er nydelig! Du har klart det igjen ;o)) Gleder meg til å se Anne's resultat - hun har noen nydelige quiltearbeider på bloggen sin :O)

  7. It's lovely! Well done! :0)

  8. This is such a beautiful quilt! I love baskets so much and Hanne you have a wonderful way of putting fabrics together.

  9. I love when quilters combine fabrics I would not think to use together. Well done! You have achieved a clean Scandinavien look with very unlikely fabrics!

  10. Teppet ble flott. Ser nå at du ikke har tatt deg fri fra sying, selv har jeg en litt stille periode nå - kanskje det er opplading til høsten - er ikke helt sikker. Ha en fin dag

  11. Dette ble kjempeflott, gleder meg til å se det ferdig quiltet:-)

  12. Utrolig stilig!
    Gleder meg til å se den heltferdig!

  13. Hi. Your quilt are beautilfull.
    Well done . ;-)

  14. Congratulation on finishing another amazing quilt. You are so good!!

  15. Beautiful quilt, Hanne! I really like the variety of basket designs and the strippy layout! I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  16. This quilt is beautiful. I love the mix of Civil War and Japanese fabrics.

  17. Den quilten ble jo bare helt superflott!

  18. Anonymous12:24 am

    Beautifully done Hanne! I love the fabrics that you used, just my "cup of tea"!


    Elaine in SLO,Ca

  19. Each of your basket blocks is prettier than the next! I too get a bit wonky if I try to work on things late...looks like yours turned out great!


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