Sunday, July 19, 2009

Focus projects again


Seeing how successful the last 2 weeks have been, I’ll do an encore of the focus projects :-)

Since it is vacation time and time away from home ahead I have picked 2 hand sewing projects this time.

Moving along from the last 2 weeks is the Sunshine Frolics BOM - now lacking 2,5 blocks of stitchery - and piecing of the last 4 blocks. The piecing will be done by machine though.

Second is the Blomstereng BOM - hexagons, hexagons and more hexagons, by hand.

My goal for the hexagons is to be on schedule when I receive the last package, so I can sign up for the next BOM at New Year without any backlog. 
Lappemakeriet always has the very best BOMs, and yes, I am ever so biased :-))

Have you noticed both these focus projects in fact are BOMs ?
I do have a soft spot for good BOMs, but except or the BOMs from Lappemakeriet I must say I am not to fond of BOM kits.

I have noticed that several shops overseas now sell BOMs as pattern only -  I like that!

I have my eyes on a new BOM, pattern only, from overseas, but will not order it in 2009. If I still have the urge for it in 2010 I will think about it again.



  1. Your blocks look great! You sure are on a roll getting them all done!

  2. Koselige sommerarbeider du har plukka fram. Hvor store er 6-kantene på lappemakeriets bom om jeg tør spørre.

  3. I hear rumours that Lappemakeriets next BOM is great. Can`t wait to find out. Just saw a glimpse of your quilt in the long-arm. It looks just amazing!

  4. Dine prosjekter er alltid flotte, BOMer er alltid fristende, og jeg klarer sjelden å stå i mot:-)

  5. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Jammen er du flittig, Hanne! Nydelige håndarbeider! Fortsatt god sommer!

  6. Du syr i vei! Jeg må bare bukke i støvet over hvor mye du får gjort :o)

    Din sunshine frolic blir lekker!

    Sommerhilsen fra Kari Anne


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