Saturday, July 04, 2009

Some happy, sunny, busy days - part 1


Last week I invited Elin to come and stay at my house for a couple of days, and she came this Wednesday morning.

I had a quilt safari planned, and she had not been at my house for more than a couple of hours in the early morning before the safari started.
Elin had travelled the whole night by bus already, so she is a tough lady :-)

90 minutes later we were at Quiltefryd ( Quilt Joy ) ready and eager to shop :-)

Here is the pattern area - with a nice comfy chair to sit down in, to enjoy the goods.
Åsne, shop owner, is helping Elin with picking borders for a quilt.
Here is a view from the pattern area.
Åsne is well stocked on thread, embroidery floss and gadgets too.
Some of the patterns on display.
Here is the same quilt I am working on, in Japanese fabrics. It hangs in the classroom downstairs, where the fabrics on sale also are kept.

Another beauty from the same room downstairs.

Here is what I bought:

2 x 1/2 meter cuts of CW repro fabrics on half price sale + the booklet from the bargain box.
2 pieces of red fabrics - 50 cm + 30 cm + some embroidery needles.


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  1. Åhhh... Hanne... måste komma och hälsa på..så jag också får göra en quilt safari"""" :o))


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