Friday, July 17, 2009

A very special meeting

Wednesday my English online friend Caro was spending some hours in our capital Oslo, on her way to a stone carver seminar in Trondheim.

Here we are on the main street Karl Johan.
You can get a glimpse of the Royal castle in the background.

It is always exciting to meet online friends in real life, and meeting Caro was an absolute success and a great pleasure in my book :-)

We walked a bit downtown, visiting some shops, including the hobby shop Panduro, where they also carry some quilting stuff.


We had a great time, and 3 hours went like the wind.


Here we are enjoying a cup of coffee before Caro and her partner had to catch the train to Trondheim, and I had to hurry home to celebrate DD2’s 18th birthday.

I hope  you guys are having a great time with your stone carving, and I hope to meet you again before long, and that we will have more time together then :-)


And happy birthday to you my little big one :-)
On her request we went out to eat Chinese before entertaining family in our home for coffee and cakes.


All in all a day filled with a lot of good things :-)



  1. Jøje meg hvor du er produktiv! Send gjerne litt av energien til Trøndelagen ;o)

  2. How nice to spend a day like this.
    Happy birthday to your DD.

  3. What a lovely daughter. Takes after her mother I believe.

  4. Ser ut som dere alle hadde ne koselig 17.juli. Gratulerer på etterskudd til jubilanten.

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! She looks a lot like you, Hanne.


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