Friday, August 07, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday update


3 more coloured hexagon flowers -

and I was able to join one more row :-)
3 more coloured rows to go, so far. The quilt has 8 coloured rows altogether, but the last 2 have not arrived yet.

The challenge is done and has been mailed off too, before deadline :-)  I will show it to you when it comes home by the end of the month.

The hexagons for the last 15 background flowers ready to be stitched.

I will be teaching sewing on the line this autumn. These 2 blocks are for touching & turning in class. It is so much more easy to understand the method when you can see on the back.

The flower to the left is 1,25” hexagons, the one to the right is 0.75” hexagons.

I enjoy sewing on the line SO much more than English Paper Piecing!



  1. I've never seen this technique. Wish I could take the class! It looks so interesting. Also, beautiful fabrics.

  2. your hexagons are so pretty. Are you sewing by hand or on machine? I made some years ago by hand and never did anything with them... hmmm, I need to dig them out.

  3. Hexagon blomstene blir bare så flotte, du er jo så effektiv også!

  4. Those hexies look so good !


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