Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A busy weekend


Friday I went to Førde, to teach Dear Jane.
Førde is a small town on the west coast, crossing mountains from here, and in an area where there is a lot of wind and weather, compared to where I live.
The first time I travelled by one of these small propeller airplanes I thought it was a little bit scary, but now, when I have travelled with them several times I know that they are very strong little work horses, in all kinds of weather.

I was met by my hostess for the weekend, Åse, and it felt like we had known each other for a long way right away, but isn’t it the way it often is with fellow quilters? :-)

Before we did anything else, on our way from the airport, we stopped by Desiree’s Lappeteknikk.

Desiree has one of the largest Norwegian online shops, and it was a dream to go from room to room there.
My softest spot was in the Japanese room, no doubt :-)

I have shopped with Desiree online many times and she has a very fast and accurate service.

Here is what I found - a large piece of a wonderful tea dyed background fabric, closely related to the rose fabric from my hexagon quilt, a pile of 30 cm pieces, mostly Japanese homespuns, a roll of 5” cuts, full width, Japanese too - and a Bohin white pen with refills and extra pencil coloured refills.

As soon as I have some other projects out of the way, these fabrics will be cut into.
I have a plan :-)


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  1. I'm collecting all those Japanese fabrics too, Hanne. I'll be interested in seeing your plan, because I don't have one. I just know I love them. Moda has a new line called Evening Mist that would go with the Daiwabo Taupes. Not as expensive (for me, at least, maybe the Japanese fabrics aren't as expensive for you). But I sure do love the colors. That's why I love you hexagon flowers so much.

    You will LOVE that Bohin pencil


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