Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lost in (between) action

Since Friday the house has been filled with long distance travelling family - and fun, but there has not been much sewing time or blogging time.

So, right now, I am your reporter about to hit the road again, for another road trip, but I thought I should say hello first :-)

Sunday we attended Friluftslivet Dag - a day celebrating outdoor activities, at Sognsvann, Oslo.


“Our guy” is Brage, wearing the bright yellow t-shirt,  playing the electric piano in the national famous youth band Battery.
They came second in a big  national music contest last year - Melodi Grand Prix Jr. - and also placed well in the Nordic contest.
Brage is my cousin’s son, hence the family visiting, to attend him and the band performing in this region.

Today we are going to Hvaler, a cluster of islands outside the town Fredrikstad, close to the Swedish border.
The band will be performing for the Swedish king and the Norwegian Crown Prince today at 2 pm.

I have been sewing a thread here and there, so now all the background flowers for my hexagon quilt are done :-)


The background takes approx 3 meters of fabric - that is a lot of hexagons.

The next row of focus flowers are 3 seams from ready to be joined too.


I do have a plan for my Butterfly Garden blocks too - I’ll be back with that on Saturday, when my guests have left the building :-)
I see we are many who have the blocks in the making - do you want to join forces?




  1. Enjoy your company and travels. When you are back we will sit with come shortbread and tea and stitch together.

    Your hexagon quilt has me intrigued. It is all I can do to keep from buying fabric to make one similar to yours but so far I have been able to resist by looking at the ones I have yet to do.

    Leanne's garden is still moving along a thread at a time.

  2. Love the butterflies! Give your guests a needle and thread and tell them to start stitching!!!


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