Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Never a dull moment :-)

forde 2

forde 4

Never a dull moment where quilters, quilts, fabrics and tools are gathered :-)
Dear Jane and Nearly Insane was the subjects, with both the big quilts and smaller quilts as inspiration.

forde 3

I am so glad Elin could join us on Saturday !

forde 5

I think some Dear Jane and Nearly Insane quilters were born during the weekend :-)

I am looking forward to meet this group of lovely quilters again !



  1. Those two quilts are simply amazing. I can't imagine the time and work that went into making each one.

    Beautiful and an inspiration to all.

  2. It's always a joy to see your red & white NI and the beautiful Dear Jane quilts. My Hanne inspired r&w NI is slowly but surely coming along. I've got 63 blocks done now!

  3. Awesome... I think every quilter's dream would be to make a Dear Jane or NI quilt!

  4. Oh, just beautiful!! Thanks for posting.

  5. Ser ut som dere hadde en kjempefin helg! Teppene dine er så lekre - sikker på det var mange som ble inspirert til å sy både DJ og NI!


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