Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hand sewing and a long to do list


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time with Laila and her mother.

This cute mug and the lovely embroidery floss I got as a gift from Laila.
Kose is a Norwegian noun for having a nice, “cuddly”, enjoyable, relaxing time. Kopp = cup, mug.

Laila and her mother came with me to my local guild meeting, where Kristin Eikli gave a very inspiring lecture on Crazy Quilts, with a lot of photos.

I have tried Crazy quilting before and I did enjoy it, and after the lecture I think I will read up on the subject and maybe do some more :-)
You know me – I am an info junkie when it comes to traditional quilting!

If you want to see what we did in our Crazy Quilt Round Robin before, take a look here.
If you want to see more from that Round Robin, type crazy quilt in the search engine on my blog.

Kristin recommended this book:

I have already found it online, but I have not ordered it …….. yet !?

Have I mentioned LOVE quilt books on traditional and historic quilts and methods ?? ;-)

I forgot to bring my camera last night, but my head is full with inspiration and lovely pictures.


A test drive of the mug along with my hand sewing today :-)

I have a long to do list today, but I think a big dose – like in 1 hour – of hand sewing will be a perfect way to start :-)

Then my goal is to cross at least 4 things off my to do list today – none very sewing related.
A lot of paper work involved.



  1. Such a cute mug :o) Looks like a perfect addition to your morning tea sessions ;o)

  2. Gratulerer med kosekopp! Tenkte eg viltipse deg om denne bloggen sidan du er oppteken av crazy quilts:

  3. Crazy quilts are fun. I collect scraps from upholstery shops for some blocks. I know, Crazy!


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