Thursday, October 15, 2009

The only way to eat an elephant


………….. is one serving at a time :-)

I am making a priority list and getting at it.

I guess this project must be part of a front leg then - the 2nd Angel Swap gift, and now it is done :-)

I was so sure I had the stitchery for the 3rd gift done too, but I can not find it and I can not remember what it was - 
I tend to get a little forgetful sometimes.

I think this is the last swap I will do for a long while.
Even if it is fun to make something for someone else, deadlines always gangs up on me.

PS. DH thinks the swap gifts so far looks very nice - he is nice too!


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  1. I too enjoy swaps but the deadlines make such a loud whooshing sound when they go dashing by that I am learning to resist them.


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