Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Small steps and high ambitions :-)

Now it is so dark in the mornings that I am enjoying my morning tea with candles every day.
Light green now, for hope and light thoughts and longing for spring – or something like that :-)

Small finishes also have great charm – today I have finished 3 hexagon flowers and a Tilda stitchery – not bad!

The high ambition list is as follows, as an end of October challenge to myself:

Through this week I need to finish 2 projects:
* Angel Swap item # 3 and mail the packet
* Basket quilt need binding asap

Through October the remaining 5 projects need to be finished and / or seriously moved forward :
* Bunny quilt – lacking hand quilting and binding
* 2,5” strips quilt top need to be finished
* Tilda redwork stitcheries will be a new and finished table runner
* Hexagon quilt lacks 17 hexagons – I want to finish them
* Butterfly Garden quilt need moving forward

Never a dull moment in the sewing corner – stay tuned for updates :-)



  1. Hi, You realy make yourself a lot to do... Keep up the good work. Hugs.

  2. I see you have plenty of things to do this month too :)
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Det blir nok å gjøre i syhjørnet ditt resten av måneden! Gleder meg til å se progresjonen. Jeg bør nok skrive en to do-liste jeg også sånn at jeg kommer i arbeidsmodus igjen. (PS: Ser det har vært nok en flott helg på Quiltegården)!!

  4. Ja du blir ikke arbeidsledig med det første ser jeg:-). Kos deg videre, jeg følger progresjonen.


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