Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quilters Christmas Party part 4


After a lovely candle light breakfast we enjoyed our Advent Sunday Calendars this morning :-)
We are some friend that have made calendars for each other, to enjoy every Sunday through Advent. You can see Bente's calendar gifts on her kitchen wall.

I am an Advent lover and I enjoy my Advent calendars a lot too!

Advent tea and other goodies - fabrics, nose tissue papers in a lovely Log Cabin wrapper, beautiful embellishments and small heart clips :-)

After breakfast we went back to the sewing room to finish the last binding - my task - and to tidy the room.

Have you ever wondered how tall a pile of 40 care quilts looks like ??

Between the 3 of us we finished 6 quilts this weekend:
Bente's Jelly Roll quilt, so soft and beautiful.

A boy will love Bente's quilt # 2

May Britt's quilt # 1, happy and cheerful.


May Britt's quilt # 2 - how many elephants can fit on 1 quilt ?



And again - my 2 quilts.

My shoulders are tired from sitting so long by the machine, but there are nothing more comforting than to think about the children and teenagers that will benefit from all quilters donating quilts to the cause - children with long term diseases who will get to choose and keep their quilt.

Bente's guild, Ringerike Quilteklubb, has given 80 quilts, including the pile of 40, in 12 months.
An example to take to heart !!
Both May Britt and I are proud and happy to contribute to your guild's donation Bente!

Thanks for a lovely, inspiring weekend at your house!
You always make us feel so welcome!



  1. It was really a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends.

  2. Takk for en koselig helgerapport. Her har dere fått med dere mye på ei helg.

  3. Great work getting so many quilts donated. You put your heart blocks to good use and two people will benefit greatly by your kindness.


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