Sunday, December 13, 2009

999 hexagons on the wall, 999 hexagons on the wall……..

What a great quilters sing-along :-))

Here are all the hexagon flowers for the second half of Tante Rosa BOM

- minus 2 that is, which was eaten by my vacuum cleaner in one of my eager make it nice at home moments ;-)

I have a strong vacuum, and it just ate along on the seam allowances - no careful nibbling………

I have drawn and cut new hexagons for the 2 new flowers, and if you look very closely on the wall 3 of the focus flower rows are joined with a background flower row.

I am getting there, one stitch at a time :-)

My beloved cat is taking her duties as desk keeper and lint brush seriously these days, watching all the goodies with her body :-)



  1. Your cat is so cute, Hanne!
    Love the colours of your hex-quilt, too!

  2. Väldigt vackert!

  3. DU så nydelig - herlige farger :0)

  4. Har du ikke skjønt at du ikke må bruke støvsugeren for å rydde på sybordet da!!!!!! hehehe
    Foreslår heller at du bruker ei støvfille :)

  5. Your hexagons are wonderful! I once got an almost full spool of thread wrapped about the vacuum before I could get it shut off. Love your pretty kitty!

  6. Love your hexagon quilt Hanne. Thanks for sharing your Latvia photos with us. It looks like you had a fun time there.


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