Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Sundays

Nothing are like quiet Sunday mornings, with candles and tea :-)
Through Advent there are also the joy of opening Advent gifts.

I forgot to blog my gifts from last Sunday -

An angel stitchery with floss, 2 pieces of beautiful fabrics, ric rac and chocolate, buttons and embellishments.

Thanks to you all - Bente, Stina, Nancy and May Britt !

Today it is like all have thought down the same line - writings and letters :-)

I have always admired those wooden letters I have seen on different photos - now I have a set too, spelling out the most important word besides Friends - Quilts :-)
Squares of fabrics with sayings on them + 2 happy magnet men, a gorgeous fabric with writing and music notes on it, a spring green fabric (oh so beautiful) with matching squares of vintage images of  children and a spring poem and a box of long matches with lovely flowers on it - reminding me that after the long, cold, dark winter there will be another light and bright spring :-)

Thanks again, Stina, Nancy, May Britt and Bente !

As we speak the morning light is slowly coming - it looks like it will be a beautiful day.



  1. Enjoy.
    I am so glad we started this wonderful tradition among friends.

  2. I can only agree with May Britt.. so thanks for introducing me to it..:o)
    Have a lovely Lucia day!


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