Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last day of 2009


Mother Nature is giving a lovely Light & Frost show these days, and I am enjoying the sights from the windows.
Even the neighbour's cloth hanging rack is beautiful with frost on :-)
Did I mention that the day is now 8 minutes longer than by Winter Solstice? I like that!

I dug out this Gail Pan BOM last night - 4 blocks done, 5 to go.
I have since then drawn all the remaining blocks and stitched # 5 and started stitching # 6!

New Year is the time for tallies and resolutions, this year no exception!

 P1040959 P1040960P1040961
Well - even if I have both WIPs and WISPs (Work In Progress and Work In Slow Progress), as you see, I am not uncomfortable with it, and the WIPs and WISPs do not take very much place in my house or in my mind :-)

Counting WIPs and WISPs ? Nope, not really - less than 20 by a quick glance, which is Good in my book.

I do not count my pile of finished stitcheries that are not made into anything yet - they are like star shine and sugar in my day - like vitamins!
I will eventually make them in to something - I think :-)

Counting Finishes ? YES :-))

For 2009 I had 44 finishes !!
I had finishes in every month of the year, and average of 3,66 finishes a month through the year.

I will join OPAM - One Project A Month - in 2010 too - it has been great fun - thanks May Britt and Kim for keeping track and giving inspiration.

I WILL NOT join any swaps in 2010 - or thereafter!
It is time consuming, and I don't think it is not as fun as it should be investing all that time and money.
I WILL however send friends mail box joys if I feel like it, when I feel like it :-)

I am looking forward to travel in 2010, and I am looking forward to have a good time with friends offline and online.

I am looking forward to make more care quilts in 2010.
The blue and white Log Cabin blocks you can see on one of the previous photos will hopefully warm a child with a long term disease before long.

I have made some health decisions I have to follow up on.
My body needs some extra care in 2010.
I have had far to many inflammations this year. I can do something about it, and I will !
It will be a long term project - like for the rest of my life, but it will be worth it !!

I am looking forward to spend time with you in 2010,
and I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year!
May all your days be bright and may your load be light to carry!



  1. Think 2010 will be a good year for both you and me. Know we will have a lot of fun and I know we will push eachother to reach our goals. Happy new year to you dear friend.

  2. Ønsker deg og dine eit riktig godt nytt år!

  3. Flott oppsummering av året. Ønsker deg et riktig Godt og kreativt Nytt År UTEN Swaps!

  4. 44?? yikes..I was a bit of a slacker this past year (its 2010 here already).. I think I finished 5 quilts and I have four ready for quilting :O) i am planning on reducing my WIP's as well..

    Best wishes for 2010 to you :O)

    (PS I Love the finished quilt in your previous post.. )

  5. I have decided that I will not join any swaps this year. I think I stopped about halfway through the year. The pressure, stress and time involved, you know...

  6. Godt Nytt År til deg. Spennende å se hvordan du setter sammen "Gail Pan" sine stitchery blokker. Har sett forskjellige flotte varianter.


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