Monday, January 11, 2010

Focus projects - results and plans


First what happened to the focus projects from last week.

The hexagon top is all done and it is going to Merete today to be machine quilted.
This quilt is bigger than I thought - 70" x 90". I absolutely LOVE the look :-)
The strange feeling of separation blues is gone - now I am so ready to move on!

Miss Cat tried to claim the top as her own when I was measuring for the borders.
No such luck, oh beloved furball!
I think she might know she is very colour coordinated with the quilt, don't you think ? :-)

The hand quilting project is coming along too :-)
It is not done, as the hexagons took all my time, but I will keep on keeping on with it.


After a full week of hand work I will dedicate this week to machine work. I have a pile of Dear Jane Christmas blocks and I have thought about turning them into a top for a long time.
This is the week, and the goal is to finish the top!
Crazy colours, still Dear Jane blocks.
These blocks will be a tote before the end of the week :-)

Time fly when you are having fun!



  1. You did well last week focusing on your projects. And I know this week will be the same. Love your hexagon quilt. Looks perfect for miss furball

  2. Love your Hexagon Quilt - it's fantastic and am looking forward to seeing your Dear Jane bag.

  3. Ohhh Hanne, your hexagon quilt is just lovely. A quilt for my 'to do' list for sure.

  4. I suspect that our beloved furballs just have to be on that quilt....despite the wonderful color match in this case. I have been working on a sea blues and white King sized top for a customer...very scary...I have not done this before and do not consider myself a good quilter...but it is done and it was so funny to keep my Moggie off it. I managed right up until just before I took it off to be quilted. I was not crazy enough to tackle that part....and it was on the table as we measured the guessed it. There she was. I hope the hairs she left were pure white.


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