Monday, January 18, 2010

Focus projects tally

2 weeks ago my focus projects were the hexagon quilt and a secret project.
What happened to them ?
The hexagon quilt top is done, it is back from the machine quilter, and I am now working on meters of binding - feels like miles ;-)


The secret project is nearly done.

It is not easy to hand quilt when a cat try your quilt frame on for size :-))
It is a good thing I held the quilting needle in my hand so she did not poke herself with it. This happened in a matter of seconds when I had my attention elsewhere.
I had a well deserved rest with the cat and the frame on my lap.

Last week I added 2 more projects to the focus projects.
What happened to them?

The Dear Jane Christmas top is done and looking good :-)
The plan was to finish the top, as it will be travelling with me in a few days, and a top travels lighter than a finished quilt in an already full suitcase.
The top is going to the machine quilter in a week's time.

Never underestimate a good cat inspection!
Since it has been so cold and so much snow lately, the cat has preferred to stay indoors as good as all the time, which is not normal for her, and as a result of that she is taking her quilt inspector duties very seriously.
It was not to easy to measure and pin the borders during inspection time.
And the Dear Jane tote ?
Weeeeell…………… work needs to be done :-)

So, bottom line - 1 project out of the focus pile and I just had to add another sort of small one :-)


Hanne without a stitchery is like a fish without a bike :-))

My plans for this week is:
Keep on keeping on with the above projects!

I just have to show you my last addition to the good coffee table books collection.
I am interested in quilt history and women history.
Many of my relatives emigrated to America during the 1800s and 1900s , and some also made a new life for themselves in Minnesota.
I wonder if any of them became quilters ?



  1. You did well on your focus projects this week. And getting they all cat prooved are really great. She is a very talented cat.

  2. You are making great progress on your focus projects.

    Mine are coming along a bit slower but progress is still being made.

  3. Well done. I love your DJ.

  4. I was interested in hearing you had relatives who had immigrated to Minnesota. I live in Alexandria, Minnesota and had ancestors come here from Trysil, Telemark and Sogndal many years ago. Where did your people settle in MN?
    I enjoy following your blog. Thank you,
    Gloria Lundblad

  5. Oh doesn't she look sweet sleeping on the hoop. They say the best tension is as if a cat has slept in the hoop...looks like she's getting it just right :o)

  6. I just discovered that my Danish roots are actually Norwegian, and I'm a quilter who was raised in Minnesota. I think you'll find many more of us there. You do lovely work, and I didn't know about the Minnesota Quilts book. Thank you for sharing with us!


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