Friday, February 26, 2010

Filling up with Vitamin Q

A trip to Lappemakeriet is like an injection of Vitamin Q.
Tuesday is my favourite day to go there, as then I can meet sisters in quilting at Kaffelappen (Coffee patch)   :-)


This is Trine's new quilt in the Norwegian quilt magazine Quiltemagasinet.
It is gorgeous!

The little saying in the restroom is so cute :-)
I think I have to look for that pattern.


Sigrun is making lovely scrappy Dresden Plates.

Some retail therapy :-)
The ear rings says Litt Engel = A touch of angel  ~  nearly

DD2 and I had a decadent and lovely lunch yesterday :-)
A hot meal first, and coffee and cake as dessert.

I have been watching reruns of the show Herskapelig on TV - historic buildings in Norway.
See - I spot a hexagon quilt on the bed!
Sølnes Gård in Møre og Romsdal - the region up on the west coast where I have my family.
The quilt history in Norway is not rich, as Norway was a very poor country up to after WW2 and textiles went into rag rugs and not quilts.
Since I watch the reruns on web TV I could freeze the film and take a photo.
It made my day - I love old quilts :-)

Have I been sewing much - no
Will I meet the goal I announced on Monday - no
Will I have any finishes this month - no
Does it really matter - no
Have I had a good time anyway - Yes!

I am enjoying hand sewing and it is health and healing in every stitch :-)

3 stars done and 4 grab and go kits done :-)

See this lovely carry box I got as a gift from my friend Bente!
I can keep my blocks without folding them :-)

10 star blocks done, 14 to go :-)

A good saying:

A smile is a window on your face to show your heart is at home.



  1. Det ser ut som om du har hatt en fantastisk dag Hanne. Quiltebutikker er flotte Q vitaminer. ( fint ord forresten)
    Jeg ønsker deg en flott helg!
    Jeg koser meg masse på quilterommet mitt..

  2. vitamin Q...very clever :)

  3. Hanne, you really made me laugh when you froze the tv programme to take a photo - I do this too! My husband usually is quite patient while I take a photo or make notes but one time someone was receiving very bad news and ran into a bedroom - at the most tense moment I shouted 'Oh, look at the quilt!' My husband could not believe that I focussed on this when I was so involved with the action. The best quilt I've seen on a tv series, by the way, is a quilt in ''Six Feet Under". It appeared several times, was very simple and in soft colours similar to your hexagon quilt. I have to copy that one!

  4. Vitamin Q er det bedste jeg ved :-))
    Har du fundet moenstret til det lille stitchery ? Saa vil jeg meget gerne hoere naermere :-)

  5. Hello Hanne,

    I am one of the many who quietly follow your blog, reading and enjoying every single post. Just today, I'd like to speak out from Australia and tell you how much I enjoy reading about your quiltng and sewing activities, your dear friends and visits to your favourite places.

    There are large parts of your life that we don't hear about, but that is just fine. I just enjoy your voice, because it represents the person you are -- someone I like to hang out with, via your blog.

    I hope your spring weather is looking good!



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