Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday again

Mondays are nice - like white paper and new crayons, ready to be used !
I like weekends too, just in case you think I don't :-)


Today the sun has been shining bright, and even if it is very cold outside, -17 C, it brings promises of spring.
The beloved furball has been sunbathing in her favourite cardboard box and chasing her tail like mad.
Maybe cats are not as smart as one thinks  ;-)

I am done with all the previous focus projects, so today I have picked new projects to focus on for the next 2 weeks:

My Gail Pan BOM - I am done with the stitcheries for January and February, but have to do the piecing for both.
Stitchery is so nice to do - and I can keep my left shoulder calm.

The three last blocks for Svennebrevet.

I have 18 more of these blocks to do for this quilt.
Did  I mention they are hand pieced ? :-))
Another BOM from Lappemakeriet!


These blocks are from "the stone ages" and will be turned into a care quilt very soon!


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  1. I was so blessed by your comments about Mondays! Monday gets so maligned here in the US. I don't know if it's different in other parts of the world. Here, many people "hate" Mondays because they have to go back to work, etc.

    I'm like you...I see Mondays as a fresh start...a new week laying out before me.

    Yeah! A fellow Monday-lover!


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