Monday, May 31, 2010

May finishes + being on the mend

Thanks for all the well wishes!
Yesterday the pneumonia cough took a turn to the better and I am now officially on the mend :-)
It has been a long 4 weeks indeed!


It is counting OPAM (one project a month) time again, and I can count 3 finishes.

A pair of pink girly lace socks knitted by yours truly for yours truly , who has not knitted since December 2006.

* I can promise you this will NOT turn into a knitting blog ;-)
* I can promise you I will NOT build a yarn stash!!
*  I can promise you I will keep to sock knitting when the urge hits me - fast and easy to finish, and not wearing my shoulders out! And, not to forget - I do neither want nor need knitting Ufos !


This weekend I attended (part time) a class by AnnaKa, a well known Norwegian quilt designer.
My cough prevented me from participating full time, but I enjoyed the time I was there, and it was a good source of Vitamin Q. Thanks Ann -  it was a great weekend!

I made this laundry travel bag for myself, and a new matching toiletry purse.


I was using my own toiletry purse pattern, adding Ann's inspiration in the decor.

I'll be back with more from the class soon!



  1. Utrolig flott toalettmappe med fine gamle? håndlagde blonder i både nupereller og knipling så vidt jeg kan se. Godt å se at du er på beina igjen

  2. Nydelig sminkepung og skittentøy bag. Jeg ville nok brukt like lang tid på å strikke sokker :o)
    Syns du har vært flink, jeg!
    Godt å høre at formen er bedre.

  3. I think you finished two great things even though you did not attend the whole class. And the socks are so cute.

    See you wednesday

  4. Kjempelekre sokker. Koselig at du er blitt bedre og fått sydd litt igjen. Lekre små saker :-) Ønsker deg en flott uke, nå har endelig sommeren kommet.

  5. You did an excellent job for someone who isn't feeling well! I love the girly pink socks! I am so relieved that you are feeling better.

  6. Godt å høre at du er bedre:)Skjønne ting du har sydd..og strikket. Ønsker deg en fin uke!

  7. Glad you are on the mend...and well done on your finishes...

  8. glad you are feeling better I keep checking in to see if you have made anything you never let anything get the better of you. You go girl hope you bounce back quickly you are amazing ttfn


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