Saturday, May 01, 2010

There and back again part 1


My Hitty dolls loved visiting with friends again, as did I :-)

I honestly thought I would have time to blog when I was in Shipshewana, IN….
But - there were not a dead spot through the days, which is good, in its own pleasant way :-)
When in Canada, before and after Shipshewana, I did not have online access with my laptop.

As you see, I am home, and after 3 days it seems like my head and my body are  back in the same time zone too ;-)

The Iceland volcano eruptions happened when I was in Shipshewana, and it was very scary a short while, until I had talked to my family on the phone knowing they were safe.
(PS: I also learned  that a well known news channel  really blew the whole thing out of proportions, and I guess it backfired on more Europeans than me.)


My friend Susan K. have made these lovely clothes and the coverlet for my Hitty dolls. Thank you Susan.

If you wonder more about the woody Hitty dolls, please visit this website.

Many of my American Dear Jane friends collect them, and I am the lucky owner of the 2 dolls above.


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