Monday, June 28, 2010

This week's (first ? ) block :-)

This is fun, and here is this week's (first ?) block :-)



  1. thats great Hanne you will soon be running free keep up the good work love your blog ttfn Nicole (UK)

  2. Well done. Hope this sewing spirit for these blocks continue through the whole summer:)

  3. Anonymous6:39 am

    Well done. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress over the summer months.

  4. me ha encantado tu manta primaveral con mariposas y flores una belleza...Felicitaciones!!!!!
    Besitos y abrazos para ti....

  5. Hanne Hello ..... I have taken the translator to learn well about the butterfly garden ... I do not know much English ... what if I like the work ..... and what I've seen in your blog .... I love your project I wish to join .. only that I want you to tell me a little concerned .....
    ... I invite you visit my blog ..... my e-mail
    ...... My husband is in love with your country ... I know and would love to live there ....
    ... We are in touch .....

  6. - og det er bare tirsdag...
    Rekker mange flere ennå :)


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