Sunday, July 04, 2010

More fluttering

Friday was a gorgeous day to spend outdoors, and since those days can be few in this part of the world, I took advantage, bringing my coffee, my audio book and my stitchery out in the  sun.


The Friday unit is done :-)

I now only remember to well why this block (and some other blocks)  came to a halt - I am lacking fabrics for the appliqué for unit 1 and unit 7!
I  am getting over it NOW, and will find fabrics in my own collection.
I see I am lacking appliqué fabrics in more blocks than this one too.
Incomplete kits are no fun!

Saturday unit done :-)

If you think I am going overboard with my 1 unit a week turning into 1 unit a day, you are only partly right :-)

In the beginning of the week I gave myself a little secret challenge - to see if I could finish 1 unit a day for a week, and as May Britt and I started last weekend, I thought Saturday was a good day to end the challenge.
From now on it is 1 unit a week, for a while :-)

I can resist anything but temptations, as you know :-)
Another BOM ??  Yes!
From Quiltegården, designed by Lynette Anderson.
The full kit - fabrics, embroidery floss, buttons and patterns.
I do not know what the quilt will look like yet - a little excitement in everyday life :-)



  1. And I did exactly like you......more than one miniblock this week. Soon finished another one. But then I also are going for one miniblock a week. Unit 5 is having applique or stitchery in every miniblock, and that is the one that take the longest time to finish. The rest will be a piece of cake...I hope.

  2. Så flink du er, både til å gjere ferdig ting du bestemmer deg for, og...til å ikkje motstå freistingar. Blir spennande å sjå prosjektet til Lynette. Og veldig spennande kva du no pønskar ut av eigne design, lukke til!

  3. Du er som alltid like flittig! Så fint arbeid du gjør... Ha en fin sommer med masse søm ute i solen !

  4. Er det ikke den som Merete har bilde av på siden sin da? den med 6-kantene på, og broderi i midten?

  5. I love your progress on this beautiful quilt, am looking forward to starting mine in a week or two. Your blocks are looking fabulous.

    Happy stitching,
    Nicky (NZ)


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