Sunday, July 11, 2010

This week's Butterfly Garden unit


1 unit a week does not feel like much, but it is, in the long run -
another small step towards a finished quilt.

In an inspired moment I started another unit. Like a head start on next week's finish I guess :-)



  1. Hi Hanne!

    Your Butterfly garden is really lovely! I really like the colours, they shout SUMMER ;O)

    have another great week!!


  2. Nice blocks and I really like the xmas star in the post under here. Have a nice monday.

  3. Disse blir da veldig søte :-)

  4. I finished almost two units yesterday too :) Will blog it later today when I come home from work. And I will stitch on another unite too :) Yes we are on a roll now.

  5. Your butterfly garden blocks look lovely.

  6. Dette blir flott..
    En og en blokk er en fin måte å jobbe på for da kan det hende at enn kan gjøre noe annet gøy innnimellom!!
    God sommer til deg ;-))

  7. You really are on a roll - both of you;) But I'll follow you! I just stitched this week mini and traced some coneflowers for the next one.

  8. Your block is beautiful. I also love your cat! I used to have a calico and her name was Kitty. She would roll in my lap and then meow to go upstairs to the bathroom and I would follow and I would lay towels down and she would then have her kittens while I sat and petted her. I loved her so much.


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