Friday, September 03, 2010

Focus, focus!

I am sure you have noticed by now that I have a very soft spot for BOMs ??? ;-)

A little obsession is good when it comes to  doing these BOMs, don't you think ?
I get them done - it is proven and true here in my sewing corner :-)

This one is from Northern Quilts - All Birds (Alle fugler) which is the opening words of a traditional Norwegian song.

Yes, it is a kit, and it is plentiful and beautifully packed, and the instructions are good !  :-)

The pieced and appliquéd  blocks are both simple and more complicated, the mix of fabrics is good, in sort of  a Norwegian / Japanese style - soft colours, both prints and homespun, a lot of Japanese fabrics.
The stitcheries are cute and all with Norwegian text.

I have already received 3 packets, but did not start this one before last night.

Now I have 5 units done, as you see.  Not to complicated so far, as 3 of the units were plain squares only.
I have received instructions for 26 units so far, including the big centre stitchery.

I want to catch up so the quilt is done by the time I get and finish the last packet.
This BOM is 10 packets and all the blocks finish 6".
The setting is 8 x 11 blocks, with a centre stitchery motif of 12" x 18".

I am not able to focus on one project only, so the seamen will still be on my focus list too.


I have a strong competitive gene, in case you wondered ( I guess not!! ), but I am very happy "competing" with myself only too :-)

So here goes: How many blocks of both focus projects can I have done by Tuesday September 14th ?

I do have some other things and obligations going on in my life too, so it will not be a 24/7 thing.

To work, oh bold quilter!



  1. Du vil klare mange, så det har ingen hensikt å gjette på noen tall :-)
    Kos deg videre med arbeidet, som enda en gang blir en lekker quilt!

  2. This looks like a wonderful project, Hanne. Can't wait to see your progress and more pictures.

  3. Hanne I love your quilts - especially the one with piecing and stitchery. The BOMs are nice, too. I like them because it reminds us to keep going on a project once a month.

  4. Flott ferdig quiltetopp i forrige innlegg, og ja antar du har flere BOM'er i skuffen. Må jo bare innrømme at det dumper inn en og annen BOM her også, selv om jeg helst ikke vil innrømme det. Wenche lager nydelige mønstre og stoffpakker så jeg skjønner deg godt. Antall blokker før 14 sept - tja, jeg tipper på 11.


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