Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Days are still flying - Monday again

I wish I could call myself Speedy Gonzales, but no……… no such luck ;-)

P1060705P1060703I did finish the 2 gift quilts in time - both  made with the same blocks, for my sister in law and her best friend, who celebrated their 50th birthday together on Saturday.

The quilts  both looks a bit wrinkly on these photos. Luckily they did not look wrinkly in real life.

Both the quilts came with a Use & Wash instruction:

You have now received a true Use & Wash quilt.
Can be used both outdoors and indoors!
Can be washed in the washing machine on 40 degrees C,
can be tumble dried and can be ironed with steam.
Likes chocolate hands and cat paws, happy moments outside the cabin with a glass of red vine.
Likes a picnic on the grass or a trip to the beach.
One can build a children's hiding with it, sleep under it or on it,
likes a car trip.
Warms you on a cold evening when you enjoy a cup of hot beverage.
In short - an utility quilts which wants to be used and worn in happy company with YOU ♥


Quilts should always be given with a happy use instruction, don't you think? :-)

DD2 is home on her autumn break from school.
She is a new knitter and she has knitted these cute baby socks for a friend who is expecting.

Isn't she clever and aren't the socks very cute - says her proud mum, with a smile :-)

P1060707The furball is doing her usual beautiful tricks, making us all wish for being a cat in a cat loving household :-) 
P1060709Life is good for others too - enjoying coffee and hand piecing



  1. You are a very busy lady! Both quilts at the top are very nice. I see that you are also working on Christmas BOM table cloth:)

  2. Flotte quilts med rene og fine farger! Og "bruksanvisningen" er bare super! Jeg liker katten og datterens sokker også!

  3. Et lekkert teppe med flotte farger. Hårballen synes jeg var helt knall da.hehe..
    Ha en finfin tirsdag.

  4. Love the instruction for using the quilts. Every quilt should be given away with such an instruction. Give Furball a BIG hug from me and tell her I will see her soon :)

  5. Very good instructions, keeps the quilt away from the cupboard :)
    Good luck on the Christmas Heart BOM!

  6. Herlig å se at neste generasjon koser seg med håndarbeid - det ble fine sokker.
    Og tak for at du delte bruksanvisningen, den er bare helt super. Fler av de tepper jeg har gitt bort "henger til pynt" trods mange oppfordringer om å bruke. Det er helt tragisk :O)

  7. Nydelege tepper og bruksanvisning. Du burde begynne å skrive dikt, så godt som du formulerer deg. Var ikkje det ein god ide? Så flink ho er, jenta di, som er begynt å strikke sokkar. Ha ei fin veke!

  8. Oh, Hanne. The quilts are beautiful. I LOVE your instructions, lol!

    Tell your daughter she is VERY talented, and give the kitty a tummy rub for me! :-)

  9. Beautiful quilts. You have been busy. If I were there I would pour a cup of coffee and do a bit of hand piecing with you. Hope you are having a nice day.

  10. Excellent instructions...... Such a loving gift to give.

    I think of you each evening when I light my candles before I sit to stitch. I know that you will be lighting yours each morning as you have your morning beverage.

    They are a comforting presence.

  11. I love the use and wash instructions! So practical!!
    What cute baby socks- your daughter must have inherited your creative talent!


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