Thursday, December 02, 2010

To do list update :-)


First the decorative Tilda Nisse - done!
I added a personal twist, as he was supposed to have a painted sign, and I painted, sanded, painted and sanded and painted again, just to not be happy with the result.

Now the paint is thrown in the garbage, as is the brushes.
I used to paint a lot on wood and other surfaces before, but now it was no fun at all, because my hands are no longer steady enough. It was good to just throw the paint and brushes away, to dedicate my time to things I love to do!

It was some raffia in the kit too, so I made a raffia bow and added a cute button instead of seeing the sign I was unhappy about.
Freedom of creativity, right? :-)

Mr. Nisse is now decorating the outdoor wall by the main entrance and is doing a good job too!


You know my cat is a tiny bit strange don't you ??
Check where and how she is sitting - on my Hitty doll's lap !!
Hitty is sitting on a chair too.

The other finish:


I love how this drawstring pouch turned out!
I made the lining bigger than the outside so the polka dots show well around the top.
These pouches are so fun to do :-)
I am "just doing" them, no pattern or measurements.

I can now add these 2 finishes to my list and I will pick 2 more projects to work on tomorrow.
I know which, and will tell you in the morning :-)



  1. Rusket is sooooooooooooooooo cute in that chair. Love the photo of her.
    And well done on your finishes today:)

  2. Ja, det er artig å sy poser! Så lurt å klippe forstoffet litt lengre sik at det kommer fram øverst på posen som en kant. Det må jeg prøve en gang!
    Nissen var flott! Trenger jo ikke holde i noe skilt. Han ønsker jo velkommen med hele seg.

  3. Du har vore flittig og flink! Veldig morsomt å sjå gloppen-termometeret på veggen din. Ha ei fin helg!

  4. Hanne, that was fast! Both projects are lovely and the cat is gorgeous, as always.

  5. the lutine is just perfect like that and is finished!
    nice pouche, we never have enough, don't we ?
    have a nice day!
    Marie (06) in late with decorating the house!

  6. Your cute cat makes me smile;))) And you have been really busy on this week... a lot of pretty works!


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