Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Strips to you too :-)

P1070557Cutting strips can be so fun – I guess you still recognize some oldies?
I like the fabrics with the buttons and the letters very much – blends in with all colours.
I had a small pile of already cut squares in my WISP (work in slow progress) pile, so for this quilt I just had to cut strips for 12 strip blocks.

P1070563Once the strips were cut, I could not help myself, and had to make some blocks :-)

P1070567Once I started making these care quilt kits for myself, it is so easy to just grab one and make a top – you should try it too :-)


4 care quilts washed, ironed and ready to be given to our guild’s new care quilt keeper tonight!
I must admit a pile of quilts looks quite impressive.
The care quilt keeper has already got 2 quilts from me this year.

P1070541Being a quilt inspector is not a duty taken lightly, and it takes a toll. A nap in the basket on the sewing table is very nice.


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  1. You are unstoppable! :o)
    And those strings are just splendid, with that great colours!

  2. Du gjør en fantastisk jobb med "Tepper som varmer"!
    Disse vil nok varme mottakerne på flere måter.
    Har lenge tenkt å sy et teppe til dette formålet jeg også; nå må jeg snart komme i gang.

  3. THe stack of quilts does look impressive Hanne, I always love seeing the care quilts you are working on.

  4. love the quilts, wish i was that motivated!

  5. Du har virkelig gjort en imponerende jobb med teppene til teppeaksjonen. Teppene dine ble kjempeflotte, og kommer nok til å bli tatt godt imot.

  6. godt jobba, - slike tepper varmer på flere måter ;-)

  7. Oh my! Your quilt inspector looks as exhausted as mine does! Isn't it a pity they have to work so hard?

  8. I am going to try it! What size are your blocks? Your quilts are stitched with love.


  9. I like your lovely care quilts. You are very diligent! What is the size of these little baby quilts? I also intend to do some in order to minimize my stash of fabrics.

  10. It seems as if my comments do not come through, so I'd like to have a new go. I like your care quilts and also want to make some of them (with the same quick and easy method), but I am not quite sure of the size. Can you please tell me the approx. size of such a care quilt? Thank you!
    Greetings from Switzerland,


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