Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making more kits for Saturday


We are going to May Britt’s for the weekend, and on Saturday we are making care quilts with her guild.
I am bringing 3 kits – the one from the other day + these 2.
Now the care quilt making really is making a dent in my fabric collection :-)


I really loved the stars on beige fabric in the green kit and the angel fabric in the red kit – I have used meters of them.
I hope the quilts will bring joy and comfort to their new owners in the future :-)

PS. I am so ready to work on something else now, but I am aiming at finishing these quilts and kits shortly.

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  1. We are going to have so fun with these "old" fabrics. I recognize almost all of them :)

  2. For en produksjon! Jeg er storligen imponert :)

  3. I love your care kits idea! Do you mind sharing what the size of your quilts? :)

  4. aksjonen tepper som varmer gir gode minner over stoffene vi samlet på og var så redd for å bruke mye nostalgi i dette

  5. Lykke til og ha en hyggelig helg;)
    Hilsen Marit


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