Tuesday, February 08, 2011

One more kit


I am having a Simplify & Enjoy year, like in Use It year, using from my fabric collection a lot.
I see that about 10 years ago I made a lot of miniature quilts, but I bought a lot of fabric, as in big scale shopping for small scale quilts……
Can you see how upside down that was ??

I want to save (as in not use) to much money on quilting this year, to put the money towards other things, like travelling.
And last, but not least, I am also aiming at more room in my sewing room. Only one way to do that - use more than I bring in!
Can seem hard, but in fact, it isn't, so far :-)

This is kit for care quilt # 7 this year.
Can you remember when this colour combination was top of the tops?
Not my favourite anymore………….
The Hoffman prints were so lovely (and expensive) too - with gold!
To bad I did not use it and use it up when it still made my heart sing, rather than saving it beyond its "expiring date".
I have learned my lesson though :-)

As soon as I have made one more kit, I will start making tops.
3 kits, 3 tops, 3 backings, 3 quilting jobs, 3 finished quilts - that is my plan!


If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.  ~Lawrence J. Peter



  1. I really remember these fabrics. Think I have some of them in my drawer too. And like you I am going to use the for care quilts.

  2. Oh my, I have that orangey-gold fabric and the star fabric in my stash too!

  3. Like the other girls I think I had some of that fabric too. I think I donated mine already though...lol

    You are inspiring me to make some care quilts Hanne, thank you!

  4. Får vi snart se bakstykkene du lager til disse toppene?


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