Sunday, February 06, 2011

Saturday sewing


The last care quilt from last weekend is done :-)
Now I just have to wash the 3 quilts so they become soft and good and let the batting shrink a little (1%) so the new owner do not get a surprise when washing the quilt for the first time.
Now I can also start making the next 3 kits for new care quilts.
I decided I have to finish the kits before making new kits.


I have enjoyed making meshwork today.
The Japanese book , Meshwork with fabrics, has good diagrams, if you want to try it too :-)
I have not decided what to make from this piece yet, even if I have a couple of ideas.

I made my first meshwork more than 15 years ago, just after having seen a finished work.
I have in my collection a very old Clover bias tape maker.
I also had the pleasure of attending a class on meshwork the summer of 2008.
The strips I have used today are 1/2" wide finished.

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  1. Hi.
    Great work you has done;-)
    Thanks for showing the Meshwork and the book. Great to know a book with ideas. Hop you will show more ideas ;-)

  2. That meshwork looks great!

  3. Oh my goodness. That meshwork is wonderful. I have never seen that before.

  4. Hm - flettinga ser morsom ut, det må jeg prøve en gang!
    Fortsatt god helg :)

  5. Så flink du er med aksjonstepper. Dette ble flott.

  6. The care quilt looks nice. And the meshwork looks amazing. It is like weaving I think? You will have to take the pins out of your work at one point, does it stay together than, the way it is now? I hope my question is not too complicated.

  7. Du er kjempeflink med de aksjonsteppene! Honnør til deg!!!

  8. Det er bare en ting å si om deg flink du e:)

  9. Det er bare en ting å si Hanne.....WOW....kor flink du e!

  10. Hei. Den boka om meshwork, hvor har du fått tak i den? Her i Norge? Har lett etter den. Ser veldig morsomt ut:)


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