Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday again–meet Miss Sam :-)


A quilter’s and blogger’s nightmare happened – the computer had a fatal meltdown of the screen, so now I have a new laptop, which is cheaper than repairing the old(er) and very well used HP computer.
Miss Sam is a smaller, lighter laptop, 10,1” without a CD drive, so I have bought an external CD drive, which functions very well.
Luckily I have a full backup of all the content on the old computer :-)

I have not sewn so much over the last days.
I hope to get DH to help me spray baste this one today, so I can machine quilt it and have it done in a couple of days :-)
Today I am sitting with my right foot up high, enjoying some stitchery.


Maybe I should start cutting another care quilt kit soon, just for fun ?


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  1. have fun with your new computer - isn't it amazing that you can buy new (and better) computers than fix one that is broken!
    Have a good day sewing.

  2. Your new computer looks wonderful. I really like that bright red care quilt in your other post. You get a lot done Hanne. I would love to know how you baste your quilts. That seems to be the part that holds up my finishes. Have a great day!

  3. Gratulerer med ny laptop! Rart hvor avhengig man blir av slike tekniske "duppedingser"...Stitchery-prosjektet ditt "Life is beautiful" ser nydelig ut. Ha en fortsatt fin morsdag med beina høyt!

  4. nice laptop! love the quilt top, its simple but lovely and has inspired me to do one for the nursery which is great because i couldn't think of a nice pattern to do for my soon to be here bump! :)

  5. You do such a nice embroidery stitch. Always a treat to see what you are making.

  6. Don't you hate computer meltdowns!

  7. Oh too bad about your meltdown! Good thing you have a backup for your old are so practical!


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