Sunday, March 06, 2011

Drawstring pouch tutorial


If you have been a follower of my blog, you will know that I have made several of these drawstring pouches. They are fairly fast and very fun to do, and they are great gifts.
Ut på tur = on the road (sort of) – and this is DH’s pouch, where he puts things he needs when going on trips.

For making 1 pouch you need:

2 pieces of outside fabric, cut 8” by 10,5”.
2 pieces of lining fabric, cut 8” by 12,5”.
2 pieces of casing fabric for the drawstring, cut 2,5” by 7”.

Stitchery or applique for outside decoration is optional!

Store bought or home made drawstring – approx. 25” x 2


Place your decoration and sew it down by hand or by machine.

P1070264P1070252Join 1 piece of lining fabric to 1 piece of outside fabric – do this 2 times. Iron the seam towards the lining fabric.


Place the 2 pieces of outside/lining fabrics right side together, pin well so the joining seams meet well in both sides and sew around the pieces like the drawing indicate, leaving a turning opening. Approx. 1,5” - 2” turning opening is good.


Before turning your pouch it can be smart to snip a little off all the 4 corners to make the lining and the outside lay flat when your pouch is turned.
Turn your pouch through the turning opening
Push the lining well into the corners and give your work a good pressing.

Making drawstring casing:


Iron the 2 drawstring casings lengthwise, right side IN.
Sew the sides and turn the casings, right side OUT.
Close the lengthwise raw edges with a zig zag seam.
Turn the edge with the zig zag seam 1/4” under your work and press well.


Place the drawstring casings approx. 1/2” below the decorative edge / joining seam and sew it through both layers by machine.



Shut the turning opening in the lining by hand stitching.
Add drawstrings, pull and enjoy :-)


I hope you will enjoy making drawstring pouches.
Please keep in mind that this is my pattern and I enjoy sharing it with you.

You can make as many pouches as you like, to keep, to give away or to sell, adjusting the size if you so prefer
I will ask you kindly not to teach from my pattern and
not to copy it to your blog or website.
You are welcome to refer your friends to my blog to print their own pattern :-)



  1. Enkelt og greit! og veldig dekorativt...

  2. Tusen takk for fin tutorial! Du får stadig mykje frå fingrane dine, kjekt å følgje med deg!

  3. Tack för påsemönstret!

  4. Very good tutorial Hanne! I am going to try it out this Wednesday for Craft Night with my sisters! Thank you. Sometimes a quick little project is such a pick-me-up. Cheers! Evelyn


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