Sunday, March 27, 2011

It is not easy :-)

P1030779It is not easy to open a beautiful kit, is it ?

P1030780After having had this kit from Lolly’s for a year, I finally opened it.
It brings back happy memories from Shipshewana :-)

P1030791Here are the first 20 9-patches - 79 to go :-)
No speed cutting, no strip piecing, since there are so many different fabrics going into this quilt.P1030786DH is putting new flooring in the master bedroom and Rusket is watching Dad’s stuff when it is out of there..
It is not easy to place her big self on a bag on a chair - watch the hind legs :-)


Now it is time to move on the the next project - I have a deadline to meet, but could not help playing with the lovely kit :-)
I am aiming at doing the 9-patches over several days.


Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later ~ Mary Bly



  1. Nydelige stoffer! Gleder meg til å se resultatet :-)

  2. What a great looking bundle! I was going to tell you not to open it, to ship it to me instead, but I guess I am too late. I just love your kitty pictures!

  3. I adore your fabric stack! I look forward to seeing your quilt.

  4. Dette var en nydelig stoffbunke. Fine 9-patches du har sydd - og lykke til med de neste 9 :-)
    Ønsker deg en kreativ søndag.

  5. Nydelige stoffer - gleder meg til å se teppet ferdig :-D ... men den pusekatten din tar "kaka" - aldeles nydelig pus :-)))

  6. Nydelige stoffer, Hanne, her har du litt å kose deg med framover!
    Takk for sist, det var flott å treffe deg igjen!

  7. Hanne the fabric is lovely it must have been so hard to open that bundle...

  8. Oh! A kit from Shipshe! I will just bet you are having fun with that!

    Are you coming this year? JoAnn and I are packing already we are so excited!

  9. It's going to be beautiful. I started a red and white nine patch quilt last week also. (But I can't show mine yet as it is a gift.)

  10. De stoffene er jo bare helt nydelige! Har mønster på en maken quilt i ei bok, og den er enkelt quilta, men så utrolig flott! Fikk skikkelig lyst på en sånn deilig stoffpakke, har du tips til hvor man kan bestille? Har de egen nettbutikk?
    Ønsker deg en flott ny og ubrukt uke,


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