Sunday, April 03, 2011

Desperately Seeking Fabric - can you help ?


I love my quilts and I love my cat, but sometimes they are not a good combination!

This quilt is usually out of the furball’s reach, but someone had put the folded quilt on a flat surface, and voila - quilt + cat = a good time, with claws.
In 5 years she has never ruined any quilts, but there is always a first time....

2 holes and even the quilting tread torn - she is a big strong cat......
One hole is in the left corner, the other is in the windmill blade to the right, in the middle of
the photo.

Do you by any chance have a piece of the brown fabric in your fabric collection, and if so, can you help me, please ?? Even the smallest scraps will do!

I do not know if it is a Civil War repro fabric, or just a lookalike.

My plan, if I am lucky, is to applique over the 2 holes, matching the pattern if possible.

If  you are Norwegian, this fabric was in the kit for Svennebrevet, Antique choice, from Lappemakeriet, some years back.
I have asked in the shop - they are so out of this fabric. Not even the tiniest scrap available.

Over time, this will be a good story added to this particular quilt, but right now, it is not so funny.

Very happy update - fabric is found - thank you Jofrid !!
I am doing a happy dance and smiling ear to ear :-)))
(DH is very impressed with blogland too ! )



  1. I wish I could help, Hanne! Brown is not "my" colour, so I don't think there is any in my stash, but I will check anyway:)
    I hope someone else will be able to help!

  2. Hei Hanne. Eg har det stoffet du mangler 6x10,5 inch. den kom med åttebladrosa frå lappemakeriet for eit par år sidan. Tok vare på restane i tilfelle...(ikkje flink å kaste stoff.) Send meg adressa di så skal eg sende det i morgon. Klem Jofrid

  3. it looks like a reproduction fabric - I will look in my stash, when I return from visit to a quilt exhibition

  4. Glad you found your fabric. Love this post by the way as I can identify. I especially love your opening comment "I love my quilts and I love my cat,". With that intro we knew there was a big "BUT" coming. LOL

  5. And if you still are lacking, I have some oieces as well. Just let me know :O)

  6. Have you fixed it already Hanne..I can't see a hole.

    I am sure that Little Rusk is sorry..LOL

  7. Å så bra at du fikk stoffet!

  8. I was just about to go to my Stash Closet, when I saw your update in red. Fabric Found! Oh happy day. Glad you found some. We love our kitties, but oh my they can get into trouble around the house! lol

  9. Hei Hanne, jeg skulle så gjerne vært den som halp deg med dette stoffet. Har desverre ikke noe av det og er derfor veldig glad for at du har fått hjelp :o)

  10. Oh lucky day! I am so happy that you got the bit of fabric you need! Cheers! Evelyn

  11. Hanne, my friends and I have made many quilts over the years and if we accidentally get a hole in the top, we just applique a butterfly on top. Sometimes we applique two or three even if there is just one hole. That way, it looks like we meant to put it there.


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