Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday smiles


Spring is finally springing in my part of the woods - and check what the furball is up to after the snow melted off the roofs earlier in the week :-)
Can you spot her?
I am living across the road from this house, so the photo is taken with max zoom.

P10308469-patches in beiges, greys and blacks are a bit dull to sew,


but looks very good combined with the other 9-patches in the pile.
Approximate 15 more 9-patches to go.


I am trying to organize my sewing room, and am also doing my morning / evening stitchery.
Now I lacking 2 of the focus blocks for this little Christmas quilt.


Today a very nice and unexpected thing happened - I had a call from a friend I have not seen in a long time, as she is living in another part of the country.

We had a lovely day together, driving for a trip to Lappemakeriet and having a late lunch after.

Look what a lovely gift she gave me :-) I am looking forward to use these fabrics soon!
Thanks for a gorgeous day!


"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."



  1. The nine-patch quilt blocks are coming along nicely. I sometimes wonder how you find the time. But hope to see a picture of the top soon. I think this quilt will turn-out looking great.

  2. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Takk sjølv for ein flott dag Hanne!
    Klem frå Marie

  3. Hei. Du har en kjempefin blogg. Har vært en titter en lang stund, men nå har jeg "kommet ut av skapet" ved å blogge selv.
    Legger meg som følger på bloggen din.

    Ha en fin helg og så håper jeg at det gikk bra med katten din, - høyt henger de og søte er de :-)

    Mvh Janicke

  4. Unexpected calls can be so nice! Your pile of 9-patches are looking good! This will be a gorgeous quilt!
    Hope your furball did find its way back down again :o)
    Wish you a great and creative weekend :o)

  5. Mange flotte 9 patch blokker her ja, skal bli spennende og se ferdig teppe.
    Så heldig du var som fikk så fin gave også - vår :-)

  6. Your nine patches look interesting. I like that you have such a dynamic use of color!


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