Sunday, June 19, 2011

Small steps forward

P1040294Not much going on in my corner of the woods, except a thread of stitchery or a thread of knitting, here and there.
The sixth stitchery block for My Garden is done - 3 more to go.

P1040298Inspired by May Britt I have started to frame my blocks too, plus adding the applique :-)



P1040302I might take off some of the green fabric - did not succeed to well with the placement - I can see it now. I think I will leave it on for now, and sleep on it.


I have been knitting a little too, and I love this pattern. I got it as a surprise gift from Ellen, together with lovely white wool. Thank you Ellen!

I did buy this brown bamboo yarn in Canada last year.
As much as I love this colour, I do not love bamboo yarn though - it feels dead, if you know what I mean ?
I have been told it is nice to wear, so I will give it a chance, but I will most likely not buy more of it.

I hope you have had a good Sunday too :-)



  1. Your garden blocks are coming along great, they are so pretty. I love the colour of your yarn too ........ very nice.

  2. kor flinke du er ;)

    eg kommer sakte etter ;)

    klems fra monika
    ps... det er godt å ha litt stitching mellom hendene når det butter litt imot ;)

  3. Hello,
    Your stitcheries are looking great...Very clever..
    Hugs Michelle

  4. Maybe you think it is not much, but I love those cute stitcherie-blocks set in fabric! Looks so lovely!
    And what a great sock you are knitting! I also knit socks and this is just a lovely pattern!

  5. The blocks look great Hanne...and your knitting is gorgeous...

  6. Så nydelig du strikker!

  7. What a beautiful sock pattern!! The yarn is so perfect for showing off the pattern. I really like your stitcheries too!

  8. Hi Hanne... I love the blocks that you are making... It is great to have a friend to encourage you to do a new project... May's blocks are comming out great as well We can't get them in USA...The applique added is a great addition... The detail on your socks that you are making are lovely... Hope your foot has healed... Hugs :)

  9. Your stitcheries turn out well. Some of them look a little bit like a guessing game without the appliques yet. :o)
    And I love all the colors you used for framing including the greens. :o)

  10. Hei, håper foten gror fint. Godt å se at du holder kreativiteten i gang.

    Sommerhilsen fra Ann-Mari


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