Saturday, July 02, 2011

This and that - less is more :-)

P1040347This is my "new" sewing room, even if I am not sewing there.
I love my "old" sewing corner in the living room, and I will keep on sewing there and keep the new room as a storing room mostly, with a chance to retreat there if wanted.
This room used to be DD1's bedroom - 7 square meters (75 square feet)

The bureau to the right, my father painted orange in the early 70s.
I had most of my clothes in the 3 drawers, and it was also my writing desk and only place to put my personal belongings.
When my mother passed away last year I had the chance to move the bureau to my home.
I was thinking about re-painting it, but will keep it as it is for now, as it is mine and holds my memories. I do not have many things from my childhood, so I feel a bit possessive about this bureau, and I was so happy when I could take it home. I even like the orange painting now.
It has shelves and 2 small drawers inside - maybe I will invite you to see some other day.
Did I say I love my bureau? :-)

P1040348The room is quite full of my fabrics, tools, beloved boxes and beloved books, and my plan is to pair down by using, like making more care quilts.
Not yet though, but before to long :-)
I would love to get more things off the floor and into the shelves.

May Britt and Laila has shown their Ufos, but you will not see my Ufo or Wisp collection any time soon.
Not that I have that many, I just have no urge to Count & Confess ;-)
I will however not add to many projects to the not-done-yet-boxes - that I can promise, and I will keep you updated on all finishes.

P1040352Lately knitting and crochet has been nice to do, for Amandaprojektet, a project for preemie babies. Perfect for sitting with my foot up.

Many years ago, I used to crochet all the time, and I now found that crochet is like riding a bicycle - the technique is still in the hands.
I am using a multi-coloured yarn for the middle of these blocks, and I found that half the blocks will have pink in them and the other half will have blue in them.
I have made 12 blocks so far, and there are 6 of each colour combination. I am half way through the ball of yarn by now, so I can just crochet on.
I will make these into 2 small afghans for the preemie project, 3 by 4 blocks to each afghan.
If you look closely on the second photo from my sewing room, you can see my box of yarn to the lower left - and I am using from the box only, pairing down the yarn collection too.

P1040353I had plans to work on the My Garden quilt blocks today, but the electricity was gone for an hour and a half this afternoon and I ended up working on this quilt instead.
The best laid plans of men and mice..........  :-)




  1. Godt å se at det er flere enn jeg som har mange baller i lufta og bokser på gulvet.
    Regner med du får orden på ting og tang når du kommer deg på beina igjen.

    Så mye fint du lager til amadaprosjektet - jeg har ikke kommet i gang enda, men har vært ute og handla inn garn. Ligger mønsteret til de bærluene uten noe sted?

  2. Forresten - ett slikt skatol har jeg også, min mor fikk det i konfirmasjonsgave, og så lenge jeg kan huske har det vært mitt skattekammer. Mitt starta som lakkert utgave, endra seg til gult og grønt før det ble rosa og lilla, før det så ble eggehvitt og brunt. Skal bli spennende å se om de er like inni.

  3. Du blir ikke arbeidsledig med det første du
    Godt å se at vi egentlig er ganske like, med stabler også på gulvet...
    Noe rot må vil vell bare ha!
    Håper det går fremover med foten din. Klem

  4. Jeg brugte lidt tid på at læse tilbage til dit uheld - og der er mange gode idéer til at sy på symaskine med venstre ben - den mulighed har jeg desværre ikke, da mine syrum befinder sig i "det forjættede land" på 1. sal, hvortil jeg ikke kan komme foreløbig. Når jeg nu ikke kan sy, så har jeg til gengæld strikket uhyre meget - og jeg genkender det, med at man er træt af at skulle bede om alting - selv et glas vand - jeg glæder mig i den grad til at kunne komme rundt selv

  5. Oh I just LOVE taht quilt you are working on. I can't wait to see the full thing. The fabric you used with the redwork blocks is perfect!

  6. Your new sewing area is nice, and I love the bureau from your parent's home. I have a few pieces of furniture here that were my parents, and they are real treasures to me. I love your stitcheries, too.


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