Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tour de Fibre - Wednesday - Star struck :-)


I love these stars :-)
The progress is not that fast, but I do enjoy every stitch and every fabric combination.
The kits from Lappemakeriet are Great - plenty, and fun to work with!
There are a few fabrics in packet # 4 I am really looking forward to cut in to - tomorrow :-)

P104047910 more stars to go!

Tour de France update - Norway won the stage - we are so proud :-)

I see May Britt has given me a challenge - more on that when I get daylight to take photos :-)


When twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend though she may wander far.



  1. Great work:-)
    I'm ready to start on my last 3 stars :-)

  2. Helt enig med deg Hanne,stoffpakkene fra Lappemakeriet er skjønne. Digger fargene du har valgt på denne BOM'en.

  3. I so agree that those package from Lappemakeriet are fun to receive. Wonder what their next BoM is going to be :)
    And looking forward to read your answer to my challenge LOL

  4. Du har en kjempefin blogg! Siri:-)


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